You no longer have to choose between a beautiful finish and one which provides a high level of protection.

Whether your floor is a solid color, a decorative quartz blend, or even has a finish installed with a custom pattern or logo, we’ll help you determine the proper coating to keep your facility, employees, surrounding community and the environment safer.

Special floor coatings can add value to your space by making it brighter, more attractive, more efficient and better protected. That means delivering lasting value and an excellent return on investment. Please see below for a few of the most popular types of coatings.

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Chemical resistant coatings are designed for maximum resistance to environmental and industrial chemicals and help keep your facility, employees and community safer. They are often used in commercial kitchens and laboratories, food production facilities and manufacturing plants.

ESD (Electrostatic Dissipative) coatings are highly desired for places where static-sensitive equipment is frequently used or where a static-free environment is essential. They are ideal for clean rooms, laboratories, hospitals and manufacturing facilities or where volatile compounds, explosive dust or flammable vapors are present.

Non-slip coatings can stop accidents before they happen. Due to its abrasive peaks and valleys, they are extremely popular in food processing areas. Schools and community centers often use them in locker rooms for added safety.

Thermal resistant coatings are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and thermal shock, commonly found in many manufacturing processes, commercial kitchens and food processing.

Waterproof coatings provide topside protection for concrete surfaces. This seamless watertight surface is perfect for floors and walls alike. It is also a popular safeguard for exterior pool decks and walkways.

Vapor control coatings offer protection against moisture vapor. They can significantly reduce the loss of adhesion, warping, peeling, bubbling or poor appearance of moisture-sensitive materials.